Pentagon Red Tape Delayed Iraq’s Life-Saving Laser Weapons

Military bureaucrats needlessly blocked U.S. troops in Iraq from getting laser weapons - tools that could've kept civilians from getting killed. That, in a nutshell, is what the Pentagon's Inspector General concluded after an investigation of the Marine Corps' botched attempts to send the nonlethal lasers to the war… » 2/16/11 8:54am 2/16/11 8:54am

French Cellphone Contracts Will Be the Death of You

Thought getting out of cellphone contracts here in the US was bad? Sorry. It's got nothing on what American-in-Paris Leonora Epstein went through trying to break up with Orange. This is her story. Quelle horreur! » 12/20/10 1:20pm 12/20/10 1:20pm

Politics Are What Held Up WiMax In San Francisco

San Franciscans are among the likely folks in America to take to WiMax 4G. So why'd they have to wait so long to get it, despite indications that it was pretty much ready to launch months ago? Hooray, bureaucracy! » 9/21/10 4:00pm 9/21/10 4:00pm

The U.S. Military's War On PowerPoint

There's an insidious force plaguing our nation's military. It's vaster than any insurgent network, though much closer to home. It confounds our commanders and keeps our generals up at night. And it's included with every copy of Microsoft Office. » 4/27/10 9:40pm 4/27/10 9:40pm