Behold the Stupidest Government Report EVER

The drought in America is historic, affecting more than 30 percent of the United States and 37 percent of the lower 48 states. My friend, John Fleck , who used to write about nukes at the Albuquerque Journal, is the doyen of all things water in the west, and when we met last year in New Mexico, he put the fear of God… » 5/04/15 2:11pm 5/04/15 2:11pm

Pentagon Red Tape Delayed Iraq’s Life-Saving Laser Weapons

Military bureaucrats needlessly blocked U.S. troops in Iraq from getting laser weapons - tools that could've kept civilians from getting killed. That, in a nutshell, is what the Pentagon's Inspector General concluded after an investigation of the Marine Corps' botched attempts to send the nonlethal lasers to the war… » 2/16/11 8:54am 2/16/11 8:54am