This duck burger topped with duck confit is a delicious tongue punch

Duck is delicious. Fatty and rich and more flavorful and tongue punchy than chicken in every single way that I’m drooling over this duck burger topped with duck confit, pickled red cabbage, gruyere cheese and drizzled in hoisin sauce. It’s like if America and Asia and France teamed up to make a burger without beef. »7/28/15 8:41pm7/28/15 8:41pm


I must have this delicious burger with latke buns

I've spent almost a month out of the US eating the most delicious things, but right now all I want to put in my mouth is this delicious pornburger: Smokey shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, kimchi thousand island dressing, seared beef patty, swiss, and a couple of crispy root vegetable latkes as buns. Maximum… »1/07/15 12:04am1/07/15 12:04am

I think I can eat 12 of these pintxo burgers for breakfast right now

The Basque Country is the culinary center of the world. Not only for its many gastronomical temples—like Martín Berasategui, Arzak, Zuberoa, or Azurmendi—but for the infinite amount of places where they prepare amazing plates—and pintxos. The Inglorious Basque-ard Burger is Pornburger's homage to the latter. »8/30/14 5:59am8/30/14 5:59am

The Spread Eagle burger looks so yummy it makes me spread my mouth wide

Pornburger is back with the Spread Eagle Burger, with a patty made of "13th Street Meat's half smoke grind, Gordy's pickle relish, and a DC Brau battered, french fry bun drizzled in mumbo sauce." My level of saliva has increased 550% after looking at that picture and reading the ingredients. »8/18/14 11:03pm8/18/14 11:03pm

This burger is illegal in one state and several countries

The Foie-ck A Duck, ladies and gentlemen: "Sous vide duck breast, encrusted in a smattering of peppercorns, smothered in a foie gras cognac cream sauce, and feathered with freshly sliced summer truffle." I'm drooling so much right now—really, actual drool just came out of my mouth. I want this so badly. »7/02/14 10:47pm7/02/14 10:47pm