I must have this delicious burger with latke buns

I've spent almost a month out of the US eating the most delicious things, but right now all I want to put in my mouth is this delicious pornburger: Smokey shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, kimchi thousand island dressing, seared beef patty, swiss, and a couple of crispy root vegetable latkes as buns. Maximum… » 1/07/15 12:04am 1/07/15 12:04am

This beauty is a delicious lamb burger in disguise

The Pornburger of the week might not have the appearance of a proper burger, but who cares when it's so delicious: A gorgeous braised lamb patty, sauced with lamb demi glace, stuffed inside a golden yorkshire pudding, and topped with potato and parsnip gratin, crispy onion rings, and mustard caviar. » 10/07/14 11:01pm 10/07/14 11:01pm

These burgers taste of human flesh

These burgers are not made of human flesh—but they taste like human flesh. That's what chef James Tomlinson and food inventor Miss Cakehead say. They developed the recipe using the description from cannibals like William Seabrook—a journalist who cooked human meat provided by a hospital intern at the Sorbonne. » 9/27/14 12:21am 9/27/14 12:21am

Burger King's all-black burger looks absolutely disgusting in real life

To no one's surprise, Burger King's all black burger looks like a disgusting turd in real life. Actually, it might be even worse than some turds. It looks like it tastes like ash. It looks like it's made from burnt cardboard. It looks like it'll bring death to anyone who dare eats it. » 9/19/14 8:07pm 9/19/14 8:07pm

I think I can eat 12 of these pintxo burgers for breakfast right now

The Basque Country is the culinary center of the world. Not only for its many gastronomical temples—like Martín Berasategui, Arzak, Zuberoa, or Azurmendi—but for the infinite amount of places where they prepare amazing plates—and pintxos. The Inglorious Basque-ard Burger is Pornburger's homage to the latter. » 8/30/14 5:59am 8/30/14 5:59am

The Spread Eagle burger looks so yummy it makes me spread my mouth wide

Pornburger is back with the Spread Eagle Burger, with a patty made of "13th Street Meat's half smoke grind, Gordy's pickle relish, and a DC Brau battered, french fry bun drizzled in mumbo sauce." My level of saliva has increased 550% after looking at that picture and reading the ingredients. » 8/18/14 11:03pm 8/18/14 11:03pm

Fish burgers are freaking delicious too when they are made like this

Pornburger calls this A Fish Called Hitachi Wand but I don't care about deciphering its burgers names anymore. I just want this "lightly fried, smoked trout patty, dressed in an Old Bay, bacon potato salad, and a spicy dollop of Gordy's Cherry Pepper Spread" going down my throat right now. » 8/04/14 11:14pm 8/04/14 11:14pm

This Mexican beauty is the perfect burger brunch to cure a hangover

A toasted English muffin stuffed with seasoned grass fed beef and pork sausage patty, whipped avocado cream, crispy chile ancho rubbed carnitas, purple cabbage slaw and smoky grilled pineapple butter. Get two sunny side up eggs on the side and some fries and you'll have the perfect brunch. » 7/29/14 1:36am 7/29/14 1:36am

This burger is illegal in one state and several countries

The Foie-ck A Duck, ladies and gentlemen: "Sous vide duck breast, encrusted in a smattering of peppercorns, smothered in a foie gras cognac cream sauce, and feathered with freshly sliced summer truffle." I'm drooling so much right now—really, actual drool just came out of my mouth. I want this so badly. » 7/02/14 10:47pm 7/02/14 10:47pm

This liquid burger probably has more calories than a real burger

Pornburger calls this The Liquid Diet, a White Castle infused Bulleit Rye patty "stirred with spicy pickle juice, a splash of tomato water, a dash of liquid smoke" that you can suck on with a bacon straw. Now you can have burgers when you go out to dance and drink, and drinks when you go out of for brunch or lunch. » 6/28/14 1:22am 6/28/14 1:22am