Why Self-Portraits Aren't A Good Idea When You're a Burglar

Taking a photo of yourself while inside someone else's house illegally might not be the first, second, or even third thing you'd think to do—especially when using your victim's own camera or cell phone—but, hey, you're probably not a burglar. Taking pics of yourself while holding your victim's property is probably… » 3/11/14 1:00pm 3/11/14 1:00pm

Security Guards Shoot and Kill Apple Store Burglar

Even if you want an iPad 2, like, really really bad, you should not try to steal one! According to local news stations, a private security guard shot and killed one of three burglars attempting to pull off a smash and grab job at an Apple Store in an outdoor mall in Chula Vista, California this morning. So, see, not… » 4/04/11 1:51pm 4/04/11 1:51pm

Stolen MacBook Victim Uses Screen Sharing and iSight to Bust Thieves

A White Plains, NY woman who was the victim of burglary, including her MacBook, used the Back To My Mac screen sharing feature to turn on her webcam and capture images of the unwitting culprits using the computer. As a result, police were able to arrest the thieves and recover most of the stolen goods, which included… » 5/09/08 3:37pm 5/09/08 3:37pm