Burj Dubai Becomes World's Tallest Man-Made Structure Today

As of today, the Burj Dubai skyscraper in the Middle East stands at 650 meters, and here's a diagram found on the SkyscraperCity forums, comparing it to all the other towers. The construction has finally surpassed the current tallest man-made structure, the Warsawa radio mast in Poland, which stands at 646 meters.… » 5/20/08 3:40am 5/20/08 3:40am

The World's Tallest Building Has a Hell of a View

Not so long ago, our own Addy Dugdale showed us the Burj Dubai, what will be the world's tallest building of any kind when finished. Discovery Channel show "Really Big Things" got a slightly better view as the first camera crew allowed on top the building. And what can we say? It's high up there at 137 stories. And… » 12/10/07 8:40am 12/10/07 8:40am