Cooking thermite on a stove burns the entire oven in an endless fire

Burning food on a stove top sucks. Burning thermite on a stove top? It totally epic because flames shoot up ridiculously high and burn ridiculously bright and is just totally ridiculous in general. I mean, it burns right through the saucepan, makes a hole through the stove top and then fire drips right into the oven. »11/17/15 1:48am11/17/15 1:48am


Torching Gatorade with a flamethrower creates colorful mini fountains

Who knew that Gatorade, an elixir of life, would be such a fun thing to blast a flamethrower at? Turns out because the plastic bottle shrinks while the cap disintegrates (since there’s no liquid in it), the delicious hangover-curing fluid starts spewing all over the place. Science experiments that involve… »6/22/15 10:39pm6/22/15 10:39pm

How Long It Takes to Burn Off a Thanksgiving Dinner 10 Different Ways

For once, let's not lie to ourselves about how we're going to "take it easy" this Thanksgiving. Most of us are going to give thanks by indulging like gluttonous pigs. It's okay, we can give ourselves a pass every now and then, but let's be real: if we don't want to have more chins on our chin's chins by New… »11/28/14 2:30pm11/28/14 2:30pm

Burning artificial sweeteners releases some bizarre shooting webs

Our favorite destroyer of objects, the red hot nickel ball, is back. This time it's torching artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet N' Low and Truvia. Splenda and Sweet N' Low put up honorable fights but essentially caramelizes. Truvia, however, starts shooting out these weird spider web looking things when burned. »10/10/14 12:29am10/10/14 12:29am

Burning Stuff with the Power of the Sun Never Ever Gets Old

You know as a kid when you used to use a magnifying glass and the Sun to burn ants? This is basically that but more awesome (and less gruesome!). Using the screen of an old big screen TV, Grant Thompson was able to create a 4 foot magnifying lens that could melt a stack of pennies, burst a glass bottle, cook food,… »3/07/13 11:00pm3/07/13 11:00pm

Japan Orders Apple To Publish a Remedy For iPod Overheating Problem

Japan's trade ministry has ordered Apple to publicize an "easy to understand" online statement detailing how first-gen iPod Nano users can receive replacement batteries. The device has been linked to 27 cases of overheating and 4 burn incidents, which Apple has determined stems from a single battery manufacturer. [… »8/06/10 3:52pm8/06/10 3:52pm

Nine Inch Nails Dumps Record Labels, Going Direct to Fans

Hear that? It's the RIAA quaking in their diamond-coated boots as yet another A-list band gives labels the finger: Pretty hate machine Trent Reznor announced today that "as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label." Instead of futzing through the hapless… »10/08/07 7:00pm10/08/07 7:00pm