Yes It's Still Summer, but This Burton Jacket Will Make You Wish For Snow

Summer has been great, but as the weather is starting to change, you've got something to look forward too—snow. When you hit the slopes later this year, you have to look good and stay warm. It's no surprise that Burton's 2012-2013 collection fulfills both of those requirements, and this space-age Embark Snowboard… »8/23/12 6:20pm8/23/12 6:20pm


Night Before Christmas Mobile Light Comes Out 299 Days Early

I'm not sure whether this Night Before Christmas mobile night light will work for Tim Burton fans who are scared of the dark. Switch the $21.99 light on and little silhouettes of Jack Skellington and his chums will glide silently across your bedroom ceiling all night long. The light, which looks like a crystal ball,… »2/28/08 7:59am2/28/08 7:59am

Burton Liquid Lounger Backpack Holds Playing Cards, Tunes, Chair, and Malt Liquor

This bag is technically snowboarding gear, but I think it has definite "animal house" applications. It fits a 12-inch laptop in a dedicated sleeve. But has built-in speakers, cd wallet, an amp, and an aux input jack. The frame folds out into a chair, so you can sit down after you're all shitfaced from sipping on the… »9/06/06 6:00pm9/06/06 6:00pm