This London bus stop is made entirely from 100,000 Lego bricks

An entire Lego bus stop built to Transport for London specifications has been constructed in London's Regent Street—right in front of a toy store, of course. The route signs, the windows, even the seats are made of Lego bricks! » 6/20/14 2:28pm 6/20/14 2:28pm

These 7 Bizarre Bus Stops Are All In the Same Tiny Austrian Town

Krumbach, a tiny, 1000-person village in Austrian, has some of the most avant-garde bus stops in the world. In exchange for a weeklong holiday in the village, seven architects designed bus stops that are alternately whimsical, weird, and dazzling. » 5/23/14 9:00am 5/23/14 9:00am

San Francisco Gets Inter-Bus Stop Multiplayer Gaming

Yahoo recently installed huge poster-size touchscreens at 20 San Francisco bus stops, allowing commuters to play online games against people at other bus stops. Nothing brings out my allegiance to my neighborhood like some crazyass futuristic sports trivia. » 1/21/11 9:20am 1/21/11 9:20am

San Francisco Bus Stops to Offer Free Solar-Powered Wi-Fi

By 2013, San Francisco is planning to construct 360 new Muni bus stops that'll further the causes of both solar power and blanketed Wi-Fi at the same time. » 8/17/09 7:40pm 8/17/09 7:40pm