And of Course This Viewfinder Business Card Belongs to a Photographer

Freelance photographer Hugo Fernandez wanted a distinct business card that quickly and effectively told people what he did for a living. So Low Ink Studio created a transparent card that simulates what you see when looking through the viewfinder of a camera. Except that instead of details on exposure and settings… »11/05/11 11:00am11/05/11 11:00am

Teeny Web Server is Smaller Than a Business Card, and Way More Useful

Hackaday's running a cute little electronics project at the mo (well, if you think electronics can be cute) which shows you how to build a fully working web server on a circuit board no bigger than a business card, in plan at least. It's capable of serving up web pages and files and instead of using tricky-to-access… »9/26/08 10:15am9/26/08 10:15am

Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet for All Those Biz Cards

It must be miniature day today at the Giz—maybe because we all feel like getting small this weekend—but this Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet will go perfectly with those diminutive chair models we showed you earlier. There's a difference, though. This scale model might actually serve a practical purpose; it's made for… »5/18/07 12:11pm5/18/07 12:11pm