A Transforming USB Business Card That Shares More Than Just Your Name

Despite countless ways for us to share information online, business cards are somehow still a popular way to pass on contact info. So instead of trying to replace them, the creators of the swivelCard simply found a way to make business cards better with a built-in USB port that lets you share everything from your… »8/06/14 2:00pm8/06/14 2:00pm


Of Course an Apple Engineer Has an iPhone Business Card

You'd assume that if any company on Earth had a well-designed business card, it would be Apple. But apparently one of their engineers still felt they could create something that left an even better first impression, so they designed this incredibly unique business card made from an actual iPhone glass sourced straight… »5/13/14 12:00pm5/13/14 12:00pm

Make an Awesome First Impression With a Tetris-Playing Business Card

In a time when business cards seem more obsolete than ever, more and more people are coming up with fantastic ways to modernize them. And no one will probably make a better first impression than Kevin Bates, who created this business-card-sized Game Boy clone called the Arduboy that's just 1.6 millimeters thick. »3/03/14 2:20pm3/03/14 2:20pm

Your Smartphone's Touchscreen Can Read These Magical Business Cards

People complain about having to use antiquated business cards to pass along contact details, but they're not going away anytime soon. So instead of complaining, the folks at TouchBase simply found a way to make business cards smarter. To access someone's contact info, all you need to do is tap these business cards on… »2/04/14 7:20pm2/04/14 7:20pm

You Won't Mind Pocketing a Business Card That's a Working Keyboard

Even with perfect typography, a stunning design, or a novel shape, a business card is still an antiquated way to share your contact details. So the folks over at TechKeys—makers of custom keyboards—wanted to design a card that reflected their work and left a lasting impression—and what better way to do that than with… »1/10/14 10:40am1/10/14 10:40am

Beef Jerky Business Cards Let Them Chew On Your Credentials

Though slowly becoming antiquated, the business card is still the easiest way to make a great first impression with a new contact. Your choice of design, fonts, even paper says a lot about you. So imagine the impression you'll leave when you hand someone your contact details laser-etched onto a piece of beef jerky »11/27/13 10:20am11/27/13 10:20am

If Star Wars Characters Had Business Card, They Would Look Like This

Business cards are one of the few paper-specific items that managed to sneak by and still exist after the world started using computers, touch screens and well, any sort of technology. So I'll always think of it as a scrappy throwback to simpler times. These Star Wars business cards by Mary Sue can be seen as a… »11/14/12 10:00pm11/14/12 10:00pm

Flip-Book Business Cards Are an Incredibly Tedious Way To Promote Yourself (Updated)

Handing someone a well-designed business card that's clever, even humorous, is a great way to promote yourself. But handing someone a giant poster and asking them to slice it up into 100 cards to create a flip-book animation? That all but guarantees you a spot on the unemployment line. »5/19/12 4:00pm5/19/12 4:00pm