Skype Founders Are Trying to Block Skype Sale

The two Skype founders are trying to block the sale of Skype from eBay to Mike Volpi and Index Ventures, claiming that the buyers are using unlicensed means of Skype's source code to bypass having to pay a royalty to the two founders. It's all very money/corporate/tech talk, but how it relates to you is what we talked… » 10/14/09 1:10pm 10/14/09 1:10pm

Blockbuster Hires Firm, Thinks About Bankruptcy

Blockbuster's reportedly hired a firm to explore bankruptcy options, mulling whether or not they should declare bankruptcy. Update: Actually, they're denying it.[Dallas News] » 3/03/09 2:58pm 3/03/09 2:58pm

TiVo Gets Its First Full Year of Profitability

TiVo's fiscal year that ended Jan 31, 2009 was its first full year of profitability EVER, which is good news if you own a TiVo, or like TiVo, or invest in TiVo. » 3/02/09 4:59pm 3/02/09 4:59pm

Gateway Shutters Online Store, Exits Direct PC Sales Business Completely

Gateway will now no longer be selling its PCs through and has shut down all its direct PC sales to become a 100% retail channel PC company. The move is only somewhat surprising-its newish parent company Acer has always focused on offering its goods through resellers. But seeing how Gateway was one of the… » 7/26/08 3:30pm 7/26/08 3:30pm