Bring Romantic Business Time Anywhere with Portable Conmoto Suitcase Fireplace

Fireplaces are great for ambiance, but generally not portable. Kooky German design firm Conmoto, who brought us the bookshelf fireplace back in December, has solved the portable problem with the Travelmate Portable Fireplace. At 55 lbs. it will require a little effort to cart it from room to room, but we think the… »8/03/08 4:00pm8/03/08 4:00pm


Singapore Airlines Flights Get iPhone/iPod Docks and 15.4-inch LCDs

Singapore Airlines is installing iPod docks and 15.4-inch widescreen LCDs in their all-Business Class Airbus A340-500 flights between NY/LA and Singapore, ensuring that we're going to be flying with them if we ever have to travel to that part of the world. Each business customer can dock their iPhone or iPod and watch… »5/15/08 8:00pm5/15/08 8:00pm

Spaceship Fragrance Oil Warmer (Appropriate for Flash Gordon's Bedroom)

You finally brought that man/woman of your dreams back to your space den, and you're trying to seal the deal. May I suggest using this $15 Spaceship Fragrance Oil Warmer, the geekiest love aid we've ever seen. Imported from far off galaxies and recommended by captains by the name of Kirk, Gordon, Solo and Zapp… »3/07/08 1:30pm3/07/08 1:30pm

Watch Designer Creates Elegant Sabar Love Device For 'Business Time'

Apparently sick of designing watches to tell people what time it is, Michael Young has just created the Sabar, a smooth, black, banana-shaped love machine. One look at it and you'll know what time it is. Business time. That's right ladies (and some gentlemen), it's the perfect time go into business for yourself.… »2/26/08 3:45pm2/26/08 3:45pm