Backstory and Teardown of the Lenovo X300 (Components By Weight!)

Here's an interesting bit: The Lenovo x300 almost had the old IBM butterfly keyboard of old. This detail and others were revealed in a Businessweek cover story on the ultrathin, quickly being recognized as the antithesis to the Apple Air. The piece has a lot of other interesting background, like the above info graphic… »2/18/08 7:10pm2/18/08 7:10pm

BusinessWeek Says Blu-ray Ahead; Analysts Predict HD DVD FTW

Too long since your last shot of format-war speculation? BusinessWeek uses three indicators to call Blu-ray (and Sony) the current leading contender:
1. Blu-ray has sold more than twice as many discs as HD DVD this year.
2. While HD DVD has a larger number of dedicated players in the market, 2.3 million PS3s offer an… »12/11/07 10:59am12/11/07 10:59am

Verizon Hugs Google, Says Android Is Key to Open Networks

In a breaking BusinessWeek story, Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam says that it will support Android, Google's new platform for phones and mobile devices, making Verizon a member of sorts in the Open Handset Alliance. While this seems to be the logical conclusion to Verizon's weeklong openness bender, McAdam claims… »12/04/07 9:32am12/04/07 9:32am

General Electric Vapor Tracer: An Electronic Bloodhound for Busting Druglords

This, my friend, is the Vapor Tracer, a device being used in the drug wars to sniff out narcotics. Its nose is a mass spectrometry sensor, which finds little bags of cocaine in your ass by detecting the "mass-to-charge ratio of ions". Yeah, neither do we. Anyhow, it's the coolest of all the hardware in this… »8/10/06 7:41am8/10/06 7:41am