Windy City Predators, Airplane Bands, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn't worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case. » 5/16/12 8:40pm 5/16/12 8:40pm

Old British Busker Demonstrates Guitar Hero v0.1

Click to view » 10/13/08 8:10am 10/13/08 8:10amYou don't even have to ask this English busker/artist/engineer why he made his pedal-driven, guitar-plucking, steampunk-looking musical whatsit, because his reasons are bolted to the side: That's great, guy, but I've got a strange feeling that alcohol isn't completely out of the picture here. [ - ]