What's The Fastest You've Ever Destroyed a New Gadget?

Accidents happen. Butterfingers or not, you're bound to slip up and destroy a perfectly lovely device, especially if you use it a lot. But the worst is when you bust that sucker up RIGHT after you've started to fall in love with it. What's your record time for completely and totally busting up a new gadget? A month,… »4/27/13 11:35am4/27/13 11:35am

Playing Your PSP at Work Is a Bad Idea, Especially When You Drive a City Bus

A bus driver in Honolulu, Hawaii, was suspended without pay recently after he was discovered playing video games while driving. Photos taken by a concerned passenger caught him red-handed with his PSP, and she complained that he would play at stoplights and "with two hands… at times, while he was driving in traffic."… »9/25/08 7:40pm9/25/08 7:40pm

Verizon Tech Busted for Using Customer Lines to Make $220K in Sex Calls

Add Joseph Vaccarelli, of Nutley, NJ to the long list of employees busted for engaging in sex-related activities »9/10/08 6:20pm9/10/08 6:20pm on the job. A former Verizon technician, Vaccarelli stands accused of making $220,000 in sex calls using the landlines of some 950 customers. The math works out like this: 900 chat lines, 5,000 calls and a…

Police Take Down Dangerous Perp Armed With a Philips MP3 Player

Mechanic Darren Nixon recently got a rude awakening when he was arrested at gunpoint because a bystander and a team of British police both mistook his 4GB Phillps MP3 player for a pistol. Amazingly enough, the ordeal was not cleared up with a simple "It's an MP3 player stupid"—in fact, Nixon was taken back to HQ,… »2/12/08 6:10pm2/12/08 6:10pm

Linksys Seizes Misprinted Hotline Number, Puts An End To Sexy Party

Remember that misprinted Linksys tech-support number that led callers to a phone-sex hotline? Well, Cisco-Linksys has flexed its muscles, scooping up the number and reprogramming it with good old-fashioned helpful info. No more sexy time for you, unless of course you listen to our previously recorded version of the… »12/03/07 3:29pm12/03/07 3:29pm

Satellite Radio Receivers Already Capable of XM & Siruis?

In highly technical communications to the FCC, a man named Michael Hartleib makes a strong argument for the possibility of current satellite radios becoming interoperable—or gaining the ability to switch between Sirius and XM as easily as traditional radios do AM and FM. A firmware download could be all that's needed… »7/08/07 11:52am7/08/07 11:52am