7 Prisoners Have Surgery To Remove Cellphones Stuck "Up There"

37 prisoners in a Pakistan jail were caught hiding cellphones »9/02/08 1:43pm9/02/08 1:43pm inside their bodies—presumably their rectums. And for 30 of said prisoners, life continued as normal once the phones were removed. But for an unlucky 7, those stuffing themselves with smartphones, nature couldn't take its course. So they underwent…

Criminal Voyeur Hides Cellphone Up Butt To Escape From Cops

BoingBoing found this story of a cellphone camera voyeur trying to snap pics of a naked gal at a tanning salon before someone called the cops on him. This wouldn't be interesting at all except for the fact that when the cops came, the guy kept denying that he did anything until the cops searched him twice and found a… »6/24/08 9:50pm6/24/08 9:50pm

Butt Butt Water Butt Is Buttugly Rain Tank for Treehugging Buttburglars

The Butt Butt, a rain-collecting 56-gallon water tank with a tap up its crack brings to us all the wrong (tubgirl) images, which makes it even worse than the alien sex doll, the mechanical singing urinal, and Spongebob's butt thermometer, although perhaps not as wrong as the Jesuswitch. "Buyer" Camilla Kaylee gives it… »4/15/08 1:10pm4/15/08 1:10pm

DIY Laser Security System Will Entrap Any Burglar Except Catherine Zeta Jones' Ass

What do you do when you have a few transistors, some capacitors, a lot of mirrors, a bunch of HandiTak and one laser? If you are McGyver, probably a intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor. If you are Kipkay, you'll do a laser-based home alarm system similar to the one used in Entrapment, the movie. And if this… »3/03/08 7:40pm3/03/08 7:40pm