This Underwear Makes Man Butts Look Perfectly Tight

Like a Spanx for men, these Italian undies by D.HEDRAL uses "angle fit" technology to enhance your butt's roundness and make it appear perfectly taut and tight. Think of it like a Wonderbra but for men and for butts. » 7/19/12 3:40pm 7/19/12 3:40pm

Movie Posters Love Showing Off an Actress from Behind

Have you noticed that movie studios love to objectify an attractive actress by showing off her assets from behind on movie posters? Emily Asher-Perrin of Tor certainly spotted the trend and put together a convincing case about how awfully cliched it is. » 4/22/12 8:00pm 4/22/12 8:00pm

Woman Gets Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant, Cement, Mineral Oil and Superglue…

If this woman told you she was a doctor and you wanted butt implants, would you let her inject a mixture of cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire mender into your buttocks? But of course you would! » 11/21/11 10:20am 11/21/11 10:20am

Sony PS3 Laugh Detector Patent Has Very Juvenile Sense of Humor

Come on, Sony. A repeating boot-to-the-butt wheel? Everyone knows the only surefire kick-based humor must involve the crotch. » 8/15/09 1:00pm 8/15/09 1:00pm

MashiMaro MP3 Player's Audio Cable Placement Becomes the Butt of a Joke

A company has "borrowed" famous Korean rabbit MashiMaro and turned it into an MP3 player. And true to the spirit of the cartoon, they placed the audio connector in a well analyzed place:

» 2/24/09 3:00am 2/24/09 3:00am

Pac Man Tattoo On the Most Unexpected Body Part Ever (NSFW)

While I prefer Pac Man running across Addy's boobs, this has to be one of the most hilarious and disturbing tattoos I've ever seen. Discover where it's located after the jump. If you dare. » 1/26/09 10:30am 1/26/09 10:30am

Butt-Crack Detector: Plumbers Are So Hot These Days

Instructables posted a guide to creating a plumbers'-crack detector, using a LilyPad Arduino » 10/25/08 9:00am 10/25/08 9:00am controller, a vibrating motor, and a photoresistor to measure how much light is beaming into your crack. When the photoresistor comes uncovered, the motor starts to vibrate, letting you know that your "coin slot" is exposed…

7 Prisoners Have Surgery To Remove Cellphones Stuck "Up There"

37 prisoners in a Pakistan jail were caught hiding cellphones » 9/02/08 1:43pm 9/02/08 1:43pm inside their bodies—presumably their rectums. And for 30 of said prisoners, life continued as normal once the phones were removed. But for an unlucky 7, those stuffing themselves with smartphones, nature couldn't take its course. So they underwent…

Criminal Voyeur Hides Cellphone Up Butt To Escape From Cops

BoingBoing found this story of a cellphone camera voyeur trying to snap pics of a naked gal at a tanning salon before someone called the cops on him. This wouldn't be interesting at all except for the fact that when the cops came, the guy kept denying that he did anything until the cops searched him twice and found a… » 6/24/08 9:50pm 6/24/08 9:50pm

Butt Butt Water Butt Is Buttugly Rain Tank for Treehugging Buttburglars

The Butt Butt, a rain-collecting 56-gallon water tank with a tap up its crack brings to us all the wrong (tubgirl) images, which makes it even worse than the alien sex doll, the mechanical singing urinal, and Spongebob's butt thermometer, although perhaps not as wrong as the Jesuswitch. "Buyer" Camilla Kaylee gives it… » 4/15/08 1:10pm 4/15/08 1:10pm

DIY Laser Security System Will Entrap Any Burglar Except Catherine Zeta…

What do you do when you have a few transistors, some capacitors, a lot of mirrors, a bunch of HandiTak and one laser? If you are McGyver, probably a intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor. If you are Kipkay, you'll do a laser-based home alarm system similar to the one used in Entrapment, the movie. And if this… » 3/03/08 7:40pm 3/03/08 7:40pm

Holiday Office Party Tip: Don't Break The Copy Machine With Your Ass

Ho, ho, it's lock-step corporate fun and binge drinking time again. Gizmodo wants you to enjoy your company's annual excuse to watch your colleagues make asses of themselves responsibly. Our advice this year? Don't sit on the copy machine. At least if you are in the UK, where 32 percent of Canon technicians say they… » 11/25/05 1:30pm 11/25/05 1:30pm