How to Shoot Photos With Your iPhone Using Your Headphones or Bluetooth…

This is a really great trick. It seems obvious, but I never thought about it: You can use the volume up button on your headphones cable or Bluetooth headset to snap a picture with your iPhone. » 11/29/11 4:40pm 11/29/11 4:40pm

Home Button Stickers Bring Teen-Inspired Bling To Your iPhone

Not even the home button is safe from gaudy stickers that cheapen the sleek industrial design of the iPhone. Unless you are teenaged girl, then these stick-ons are the best thing that ever happened to you in your whole entire life. » 7/06/11 12:11am 7/06/11 12:11am

There Are Lots of Bacteria in Your Belly Button

Ah yes, the belly button. A remnant part of your body that serves to collect lint. Lint and quite a bit more, according to the early results from the Belly Button Biodiversity project. » 7/05/11 12:04am 7/05/11 12:04am

Nokia N9: Beautiful Hardware, Zombie Software

Nokia took a striking piece of unibody hardware, coupled it with a 3.9-inch curved glass touchscreen display, removed all the buttons, and topped it with an 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera and NFC. Incredible. It's called the N9. But! » 6/21/11 1:02am 6/21/11 1:02am

Will You Follow Me if Twitter Makes it Easy?

Twitter announced an official "Follow" button that will replace all those generic Twitter "follow me" links. Just like the Facebook Like button which lets you "like" anything quickly and easily, the Follow button will let you follow a Twitter user in one simple click. Now that we have gotten over our dislike of the… » 5/31/11 7:29pm 5/31/11 7:29pm

A Smart Place to Put the Elevator Button

I've never thought about this before, but when your hands are tied up and you need to hit the button to call the elevator, isn't it smarter to kick the button instead of elbowing it? Those clever Japanese! » 1/05/11 1:20am 1/05/11 1:20am

Gizmodo University: Flippin' Switches

It's Saturday, it's noon; that can mean only one thing: It's time for Gizmodo University! We've got an action-packed lesson today as our intrepid Sparkle Labs host (and proud new papa) Ariel takes a look at switches, sensors, and detectors! » 11/13/10 12:00pm 11/13/10 12:00pm

Inception Button Instantly Adds Stress To Any Situation

Somebody should make an iPhone application like this Inception button, so this Halloween I could go out as an Inception character (be patient. It takes some time to load). [Davepedu] » 10/29/10 6:20pm 10/29/10 6:20pm

Don't Press That Strange Button In Tom Cruise's House!

Click to viewWhen actress Kyra Sedgwick visited Tom Cruise's house, she couldn't help but notice a strange, unmarked button on a mantle in his library. For whatever reason, she also couldn't resist pushing it. As a result, she soon heard police sirens. » 7/16/10 8:20pm 7/16/10 8:20pm

I Wish My Car Had Switches For Porn and Magic

I don't know why this guy revealed what the switches in his car do, but I certainly wish my gas-guzzler could produce magic at the flick of a switch—heck, I'd settle for a card trick. [TwitPic via Reddit] » 4/02/10 10:00pm 4/02/10 10:00pm

Butt-on is Probably the Most Fondleable Night Lamp Ever

When this concept nightlight popped up in the Giz editor chatroom, I had » 10/23/08 10:30am 10/23/08 10:30am to grab it (if you'll pardon the pun)... how could anyone resist? Pinch. On. Squeeze. Off. Pinch. On. The whole night could be whiled away with its comforting glow and tactile soft translucent silicon-based rubberyness. Uhhh.... sorry, got…

Condom Dispensing "Don't Panic" Button For Emergencies

Everyone loves a good panic button » 8/22/08 4:30pm 8/22/08 4:30pm, and what bigger emergency is there than being condomless when you find a woman that actually wants to have sex with you? Relax, this condom dispensing "Don't Panic" button has your back. Well, it would if it actually existed. Unfortunately, it is currently in the concept phase. []

Newman's Cool Man MP3 Player: Pin it to Your Uniform For Extra Flair

If you haven't quite reached your flair quota, or you are hopelessly stuck in the 1980's fashion-wise, you will probably love the Cool Man MP3 from Newman. The device features and OLED display, support for MP3 and WMA, a built-in microphone and most importantly, a high-tech safety pin that puts high-tech holes in your… » 6/05/08 7:00pm 6/05/08 7:00pm

Desktop PC Start Button Eliminates Gamer's Crack

If you thought plumber's crack was bad, imagine a gamer in crawling under his desk to turn on his PC. He'll never have to do that again if he grabs one of these Sharkoon PC Jump Start Buttons, which hook up via USB to his PC and allows him to not only start a computer, but plug in two USB devices and a mic/headphone… » 2/28/08 1:25pm 2/28/08 1:25pm

Solid Alliance USB Stress Button Actually Does Something

Unlike the bullshit button or the Staples' Easy Button, this Solid Alliance USB Stress Button actually does something. When hooked up, pressing the button alternates between Explosion, Punch-out, and Worksheet mode. Explosion counts down and makes an explosion on your screen, Punch-out punches a face on screen, and… » 8/15/07 1:30pm 8/15/07 1:30pm

Hudson's Yellow Button Press Controller Counts Spasms

First made in 1987, this Famicom-esque "Shooting Watch" counts how many times you can push a button in 10 seconds. Only 10,000 of these are being made in Japan (the only place they're being made), so if you like to eschew modern graphics for more spastic gaming, a big yellow bus will come by your Japanese house and… » 7/27/07 6:30pm 7/27/07 6:30pm

Bullshit Button

Although this bullshit button is quite similar to Staple's Easy Button, and both are actually available for purchase, the bullshit button actually does something useful. See, whenever your buddies make some outlandish claim, just slam on this button and it'll pop out one of five "clever" sayings. » 4/26/07 2:15pm 4/26/07 2:15pm

Intel: "Someone get us a Clapper ASAP."

Last week at a conference in Argentina, Intel's regional general manager Esteban Galuzzi (not assistant to regional general manager) called power buttons on PC's hard to find. When questioned some more, he was all: » 10/08/06 2:00pm 10/08/06 2:00pm