Permanently Attach Your Shirt Buttons Without Ever Touching a Needle…

Technically there are a lot of things more embarrassing than popping a shirt button when you're out, but few things are as annoying. So instead of trying to re-attach it by ducking into a bathroom with an unruly needle and thread, these Tic fasteners provide an instant and permanent solution to the problem. » 12/19/12 12:20pm 12/19/12 12:20pm

Will Your Android Phone's Buttons Still Work With Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been the talk of Android town, and rightfully so: it looks like the most promising version yet. But considering it doesn't require any physical buttons, how will your phone work once it's upgraded? » 10/25/11 5:14pm 10/25/11 5:14pm

Stick Some Real Deal Gaming Buttons on Your iPhone

Click to viewThis Kickstarter project from Joystickers, a Chicago-based mobile accessories startup, features two nice looking styluses, but they're not what I'm excited about. No, the real I'm-gonna-kick-a-few-bucks-their-way appeal comes with the Classic, a set of simple, stick-on videogame buttons for iPhones, iPads, … » 2/23/11 11:20pm 2/23/11 11:20pm

The Latest iPhone 4 Problem: Some Have Swapped Volume Buttons

Clearly, this is not the best Apple launch in history: After the pre-order debacle, the yellow tinted screens, the pixel constellations, and the antenna problems, now it's the turn for the swapped volume buttons. Oh, you Foxconn rascals, you! [9-to-5] » 6/25/10 9:31am 6/25/10 9:31am