A Chrome Extension That Replaces "Cloud" With "Butts" Wins Everything

Earlier today, we asked you to tell us about all your favorite Chrome extensions. And while the ultimate winners will be revealed at a later date, Kinja user pacguy has introduced us to one sparkling diamond of an extension that, frankly, would be an injustice to keep hidden. Because friends, you need to install Cloud… » 8/04/14 1:37pm 8/04/14 1:37pm

Ass/Boobs-Shaped Airbag Turns Car Accidents Into Even More Shameful…

This Takata airbag design is… interesting. Essentially, if you get in a car accident your face will be thrust quickly between two giant, inflatable ass cheeks. Or are they giant breasts? Depending on what you're in to, you could see it either way. In any case, I can certainly see how it would be more comfortable to… » 1/04/08 4:15pm 1/04/08 4:15pm

Cigarette Extinguisher Design Reaches New Low of Moral Turpitude (NSFW)

Just when we thought we'd seen the most horrible and immoral cigarette extinguisher in the world, one of our best and brightest commenters points out yet another example, built in a similar vein but reaching even lower depths of depravity. Honestly, a butthole ashtray (or is it an asstray)? At least it could have been… » 10/19/07 2:30pm 10/19/07 2:30pm

Clothing Store "Butt Cam" Lets Shoppers Check Out Their Own Asses

As anyone who's ever dated a girl knows, how pants make their butts look is one of the top considerations when purchasing a pair of pants. Realizing this, Hub Clothing in Scottsdale, Arizona, has installed a "Butt Cam" that allows shoppers to see just how fat those pants make their butts look. And you know what? It's… » 8/09/07 3:30pm 8/09/07 3:30pm