Report: Samsung Is Trying to Buy BlackBerry

Reuters is reporting that Samsung has approached BlackBerry with a takeover offer for as much as $7.5 billion, which would be about 38 percent more than the stock market says the Canadian company is even worth. Samsung supposedly wants access to BlackBerry patents and also may be trying to up its security game with… » 1/14/15 4:07pm 1/14/15 4:07pm

It's Official: Yahoo Is Buying Tumblr, Promises "Not to Screw It Up"

After rumors spread during the weekend, it's now official: Yahoo is buying Tumblr. Yahoo has announced the takeover, aptly enough, on Tumblr, explaining that it "promises not to screw it up." That's a reference, obviously, to the complete mess it's made of pretty much every other company it's ever bought. In that… » 5/20/13 8:25am 5/20/13 8:25am

Blockbuster Offers to Buy Circuit City, Have Sad Date Talking About…

Blockbuster has offered $6 minimum per share to buy out Circuit City, with the intention of creating a $18 billion global retail enterprise. You can almost see the point of mixing media and device retail, but is this actually a good move for two companies facing a not-so-bright future? Read more in the Blockbuster… » 4/14/08 7:44am 4/14/08 7:44am

Microsoft Wants to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion

It seems that Bill is going to eat more than one burger before he leaves Microsoft. After countless rumors, it is now official: they want to buy Yahoo for $31 per share, for a total of $44.6 billion in cash and stock. Check The Other Steve's love letter to the Yahoo board of directors after the jump and take our poll:… » 2/01/08 8:03am 2/01/08 8:03am

Palm Buyout to Happen as Soon as This Week?

Reports are flying all across the Internet that a Palm takeover could happen as soon as this week. Nokia and three other unidentified bidders are showing interest in this company and are willing to fork over upwards of $2 billion for it. A possible buyout could have some pretty big future implication or it could be a… » 3/20/07 6:45pm 3/20/07 6:45pm