​The Best Smartphone Car Mount

Mounting a smartphone in a car shouldn't be complicated. It just needs to be sturdy, secure, and adjustable. The Ram X-Grip dominates on all those fronts, and does it with military-grade construction, an array of modular accessories, and a grip that accommodates damn near any smartphone on the market. » 2/02/15 6:26pm 2/02/15 6:26pm

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How to Buy the Best CPU

Do it yourselfers have a bit of a hassle keeping up with 64-bit, Dual Core, and all the different price ranges when buying CPUs for their machines. So much so, many people just buy pre-built systems to save time. But if you're still intent on building the fastest and cheapest systems for your money, head over to… » 7/27/07 1:50pm 7/27/07 1:50pm

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It's not like us to toot our own horns here at Gizmodo—we hire elves to do that for us—but we get a lot of email from readers in search of a basic MP3-player buyer's guide. Well, I wrote a little something up for Runner's World and it talks about all the different types and even makes a few suggestions for the runner… » 9/14/05 12:27pm 9/14/05 12:27pm