Computer Manufacturers Ranked: How to Pick a Laptop That Won't Fail

With so many options available, picking the right laptop can prove awfully difficult. How do you know you'll end up with a reliable model? Or one that will last you at least three years without feeling outdated? While you can't predict the future, you can use information from the past to figure out your best bet… »11/19/13 2:39pm11/19/13 2:39pm

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Upgrade to Mac OS X Leopard

Click to viewThose of you who haven't been poring over all of Mac OS X Leopard's feature list (because you actually have lives) probably only know a few things about it. There's this new backup software...and...some iChat stuff? That's where we come in. We distill all the features down to ten points to help you decide… »10/26/07 3:26pm10/26/07 3:26pm

Wait! Ten Things You Should Know Before You Buy an iPhone

Although Apple's iPhone may be feature-packed and great to use, it, like every other product, has limitations. And that's why we're putting it through our Ten Things You Should Know buyer's guide series so new buyers and people who don't live and breathe the iPhone (your parents, your co-workers, or your wife) can be… »7/02/07 4:20pm7/02/07 4:20pm

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Upscaling DVD Player

Click to viewTen Things You Should Know is a new feature series here at Gizmodo aimed at first-time buyers or people who don't have (or need) extensive knowledge on a product before making a purchase. To blast things off, we're starting it up today with Ten Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Upscaling DVD Player. »5/07/07 4:00pm5/07/07 4:00pm