I Might Actually Use Google Buzz With This Android Widget

Part of the problem with web apps is that they're not as immediately accessible as something that's right there on your phone, and with a service like Buzz, if you can't update your status nearly instantly, it's not gonna happen. Hence, Google's new Buzz widget for Android (1.6 and above) makes a hell of a lot of… » 3/18/10 7:51pm 3/18/10 7:51pm

Google Continues Damage Control With More Buzz Security Updates

Though the dust has hardly started to settle after the privacy shitstorm that immediately followed the launch of Google Buzz—Google claiming it was going to untangle Buzz from Gmail and then denying that it had any such intentions didn't help matters—the Don't Be Evildoers have in fact made some tweaks to the system.… » 2/13/10 8:27pm 2/13/10 8:27pm

Google Might Pull Buzz Out of Gmail—That's Why ↓

Given the populist sentiment about the way it launched Buzz, by merging it with Gmail, resulting in a million-and-one privacy kerfluffles, Google's now thinking about going beyond the tweaks it made the other day by cutting the cord between Buzz and Gmail entirely. People might get to claim completely different… » 2/12/10 5:01pm 2/12/10 5:01pm