The Best of the Year in Space

It's been a big year for the space sciences. The first privately-held spacecraft orbited our world, the blackest material in history was created, researchers expanded the list of possible sources of life threefold; and that was just in December. » 12/27/10 4:20pm 12/27/10 4:20pm

Buzz Lightyear Back From 468 Days In Spaaace

How did I miss this? The Toy Story action figure returned on the space shuttle Discovery last Friday, after first launching aboard STS-124 on May 31st 2008. Here's a video of his time on the International Space Station: » 9/16/09 1:20pm 9/16/09 1:20pm

Buzz Aldrin Double Fists An iPhone And a Blackberry On a Blimp

Airship Ventures' Zeppelin Tours of San Francisco welcomed a distinguished passenger on board recently—none other than Buzz Aldrin. Apparently, the view did not take precedence over his rigorous work schedule. » 9/03/09 8:00pm 9/03/09 8:00pm

Virgin Galactic's White Knight, Branson, Rutan and Spaceman Buzz…

Click to view » 8/06/08 5:46am 8/06/08 5:46amVirgin aircraft is pretty exciting. And here's a video that BoingBoingTV made of the aircraft's launch event, that has some interesting words on the craft and space travel from Sir Richard Branson, Scaled Composite's Burt Rutan and genuine spaceman and moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin himself. The best line? One…