69 percent of Americans have never heard of Buzzfeed

People in media are dissecting the latest Pew Research figures on politicization in media. There are quite a few interesting factoids to draw from the poll. But what surprised me most was the percentage of Americans who say they'd heard of each news outlet. Almost seven out of ten Americans have never even heard of… » 10/27/14 2:40pm 10/27/14 2:40pm

PlayBuzz Is the New Upworthy and Maybe a Little Grosser

Our Facebook News Feeds already runneth over with links promising to surprise and/or reaffirm your faith in any number of entities. But recently, you may have noticed that these Upworthy-esque links have gotten even more mindless. More hollow. More all-around absurd. And no, we're not talking about The Onion's… » 10/08/14 2:56pm 10/08/14 2:56pm

Thank God Famous Art Doesn't Have YouTube Comments

There is some fantastic art on YouTube. There are also some hideous comments on YouTube. Probably more of the latter than the former. But hey, at least there aren't YouTube comments on all art. » 8/29/13 4:40pm 8/29/13 4:40pm

BuzzFeed's New Rdio Button Lets You React to a Post with a Song

Sometimes sentiments are best expressed musically. Understanding that, BuzzFeed has added an Rdio button that lets you react to any post with a song. How cool is that? » 10/19/12 10:19am 10/19/12 10:19am

It's Complicated

BuzzFeed President and presumed pilot Jon Steinberg tweets his frustration over yet another complicated Sony peripheral. Maybe Google TVs should ship with Move instead. [Twitter via Business Insider] » 10/24/10 2:00pm 10/24/10 2:00pm