Electric blue fireworks light up the sky behind a C-130 Hercules plane

Here’s a pretty picture perfect scene of fireworks exploding behind a C-130 Hercules airplane at Yokota Air Base, Japan. I like to imagine all those fanciful blue explosions as a swarm of alien planes that are waiting to come back to the mothership Hercules. Or something like that. » 7/10/15 11:02pm 7/10/15 11:02pm

Cool picture of five airplanes ready to take off feels like CGI

It may be the weird combination of airplanes, their colors, or the texture of the runway, but this photo of two Bangladesh F-7BG Defenders, a BAF C-130B Hercules and two U.S. Air Force C-130H Hercules as they prepare to take off from BAF Base Bangabandhu, Bangladesh, feels like a 3D render to me. » 2/03/15 7:03pm 2/03/15 7:03pm

The C-130 Hercules can land and take off anywhere—including this beach

The C-130 Hercules can basically land whatever the hell it wants, so the Danish Air Force took it to the beach because a) it's fun! and b) you never know when you will have to invade a country. You can see it from multiple angles, including the cockpit. Bonus: A collection of all-terrain Hercules landings—and a… » 12/22/14 10:19pm 12/22/14 10:19pm

Air Force Dismantles Crashed C-130 in Military-Style: With Lots of…

What do you do with a C-130 cargo aircraft that has made a crash-landing in an insecure area of Iraq? If you're the 447th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron you wire it with explosives and you blow it up. Again and again and again... until it's in small enough bits to load onto a flatbed and ship back to an… » 7/14/08 5:32am 7/14/08 5:32am