Apple Buys Company to Add Killer 3D to Its Maps

For the past few years, Apple has been hammering away at building its own mapping platform to shake the yoke of Google Maps. It just took another step toward assembling its cartographic Frankenstein monster by buying up C3 Technologies, which assembles hyper-realistic 3D maps and integrates them with more traditional… » 10/29/11 2:23pm 10/29/11 2:23pm

Autopage C3 Remote Unlocks, Starts and Tracks Your Ride Via Cellphone

The C3 system gives a car owner a link to their vehicle from anywhere they get cell phone reception, using either java-based software or a WAP interface. Among its many features, C3 can unlock and start your car, track it via GPS, alert you to unwanted car movement, and arm your car alarm. Paranoid parents can also… » 1/06/08 8:17pm 1/06/08 8:17pm