Lenovo C200 All-In-One PC Features Blazing Next-Gen Ion Graphics

The Lenovo C200 all-in-one made a brief appearance at CeBIT a few months ago, but now it's official: an 18.6-inch 16:9 display with a dual-core Atom D510 processor and optional next-generation Nvidia Ion graphics. You'll want to take the option. » 4/07/10 12:01am 4/07/10 12:01am

Sonos Remote Goes Touchscreen; New System Bundle On Its Way

It's fair to say that everyone would've loved it if the last remote for the Sonos wireless media systems, the $400 C100, had a touchscreen. It didn't. Years later, the CR200 does, but it might be a bit late. » 7/02/09 5:50am 7/02/09 5:50am

Micron Starts Production of Super-Fast RealSSD Solid-State Drives

The inexorable march of solid-state drive technology continues forward with news from Micron Technology (one of the worlds leading semiconductor suppliers) that they're going to produce SSD's with a read speed of 250MBps. That's more than twice the speed of the drives Samsung » 8/05/08 4:23am 8/05/08 4:23am announced last month (90MBps.)Micron's…

SanDisk Sansa Digital Audio Player Base Station

SanDisk's tiny Sansa flash-based digital audio players have gotten plenty of attention lately, and now it's time to start whoring out the product like nobody's business, beginning with the SanDisk Sansa Base Station. Compatible with the e200 and the c200, the Base Station is, as you might expect, a dock that lets you… » 9/05/06 9:57am 9/05/06 9:57am

SanDisk Sansa c200 Flash-Based MP3 Player With Expandable SD Slot

The SanDisk Sansa c200 joins the other players in the up-and-coming Sansa brand. The c200 has a 1.4-inch LCD, 2GB of internal storage, and a microSD slot that takes up to 2GB of memory, bringing its total capacity to 4GB. There's also Microsoft PlaysForSure support, along with the obligatory MP3 support, and a 15 hour… » 9/01/06 4:20pm 9/01/06 4:20pm

Emerson iTone C200 iPod Alarm Clock

Acting as an iPod dock and an alarm clock, the iTone C200 is "the first real challenger to the iHome iH5 when it comes to the sub-$100 'iPod alarm clock' category." » 5/26/06 7:30am 5/26/06 7:30am

Acer Does Biometric Tablet PC

Though it's still not an overly popular design, I'm a sucker for a tablet PC. And looks like Acer has decided to release one of the these beauties in the entry level space. The Travelmate C200 series features an Intel Pentium M processor and Mobile Intel 915PM/GM Express chipset, and more importantly, a one-of-a-kind… » 11/23/05 10:01am 11/23/05 10:01am