NYC Cabbie Demands iPod as Payment, Remains at Large

A young woman's visit to the wondrous(ly dirty) world of New York City was sullied by the loss of her iPod to a cabbie, thanks to big-city intimidation. » 1/17/09 5:00pm 1/17/09 5:00pm

London Cab Driver Takes on Sat-Nav—and Beats It By 27 Minutes

The BBC pitted the wits of a black cab driver against the latest GPS technology in an effort to find out whether man or gadget rules the mean streets of rush-hour London. And, in a result that will not surprise TomTom-challenged Londoners one bit, although the TomTom GO 720 won the first round, Andy the cabbie… » 12/17/07 7:25am 12/17/07 7:25am