How to Escape Comcast and Get Your Internet Elsewhere

Comcast has confirmed that it's going to buy Time Warner Cable to form a huge, tangled monster of awfulness. Hooray! You want out? Lucky for you there are some alternatives to doing business with your monopolistic cable-internet master if you try hard enough. Here are your options, and good luck making your escape. » 2/13/14 9:52am 2/13/14 9:52am

Comcast Increasing Upload Caps By 2x/3x Tomorrow

According to leaked docs, Comcast is officially bumping up their previously tiny upload caps on two of their plans tomorrow. Their 6Mbps/384Kbps plan is becoming 6Mbps/1Mbps, and the 8Mbps/768Kbps plan is becoming 8Mbps/2Mbps. Some people might think they have this rate already because of Comcast's recently rolled out » 6/11/08 9:24pm 6/11/08 9:24pm