Not Many People Use Standalone CableCards

By law, cable operators must offer standalone CableCards, used in everything from TVs to HTPCs to Tivos, to encourage competition with and choice beyond standard, clunky settop boxes. But not all that many people take advantage of the policy. » 10/01/09 8:36am 10/01/09 8:36am

Panasonic Tru2Way CableCard TVs Launch in Chicago and Denver

It looks like consumers in Chicago and Denver will have the privilege of being the first to get their hands on Panasonic's new tru2way » 10/15/08 4:53pm 10/15/08 4:53pm-enabled . Basically, is a new type of CableCARD that will deliver interactive features to cable subscribers without the need for a cable box. Panasonic has plans to sell the new VIERA…

When's CableCARD 2.0 Getting Here?

Engadget HD has the story on why CableCARD 2.0—the standard that everyone's waiting for to provide bi-directional high- def cable support like video on demand—isn't here yet. Turns out the standard for bi-directional certification isn't there, and the associations and coalitions of companies can't agree to agree on… » 6/15/07 1:30pm 6/15/07 1:30pm