Instructions for Building Your Very Own Awesome, Mario-Inspired Go-Kart

Remember the Chibikart—that awesome, Mario-inspired go-kart built by MIT student Charles Guan? We loved it in an only-an-MIT-student-could-come-up-with-something-this-sweet sort of way. Luckily for us, Guan has just polished off the finishing touches on a newer, more accessible design that he says can be built even… » 6/01/12 8:00pm 6/01/12 8:00pm

Apple's 3D Modeler Opening Could Be Your Dream Job

Not to turn this into a secondary job board for Apple or anything, but they're opening up a position for a digital 3D modeler/CAD sculptor to create renderings of possible and future products. It's interesting because the turnover there for the position is really low, and it may be the only time you get a chance to… » 6/30/09 5:45pm 6/30/09 5:45pm

Futuristic Origami Desk Cut and Folded from a Single Sheet of Steel

No doubt about it, this is one bad-ass-looking desk. But the 3Fold from Formtank is more than just a striking visual design—it is also impressive because it was cut and folded from a single sheet of steel using CAD/CAM technology. Formtank bills it as an excellent CEO desk, which is why it takes CEO money to buy one.… » 9/12/08 4:20pm 9/12/08 4:20pm

OpenMoko Smartphone Doing the Full Open Monty, Releasing Chip…

They've already released the CAD files » 8/06/08 11:15am 8/06/08 11:15am for modding the case into a lobster phone (please, someone?), and now the OpenMoko folks are going all the way with their Neo Freerunner Linux smartphone, opening up the schematics for all to see and use under a Creative Commons license. This includes not only the full schematics…