Skin From Human Cadavers Helps Wounds Heal Better 

Scientists have a promising if slightly grisly treatment for wounds: skin from human cadavers stripped of everything but its cells. Sound weird? Let me explain. » 2/06/15 7:07pm 2/06/15 7:07pm

Your Decaying Corpse Becomes a Factory of Toxic Chemicals After You Die

What happens after we die? Spiritually, who knows. Physically? Your body becomes a festering production line, spewing out more than 400 nasty compounds that would be toxic to your body if you weren't already dead, as Scientific American explains in this unsettlingly cheery animation. » 4/09/14 10:20am 4/09/14 10:20am

This freakish skinless body is actually a synthetic human cadaver

Though it may look like it, this is not a still frame from a torture porn movie directed by the sadist Eli Roth. Instead, it's the new synthetic cadaver that medical students are now using to get their learn on. Instead of poking humans or operating on animals, medical students can play doctor with these frighteningly… » 10/31/13 9:05pm 10/31/13 9:05pm

How This Mad Scientist Is Using Cadaver Legs To Understand Torn ACLs

Like any ordinary orthopedist, Mark Drakos treats patients, performs surgeries, and prescribes medicines. But if you catch him in his lab, you might be surprised by what you'd find: the doctor twisting dead human legs until they snap. » 11/30/10 7:40pm 11/30/10 7:40pm