Inside the Rocket-Proof Obamamobile

I love this cutaway illustration of the new Cadillac One by John Lawson, Obama included. Specially things like "Doors: eight-inch thick and the weight of a 757 door". Other highlights: » 1/09/09 7:48am 1/09/09 7:48am

GM Working On New "Cadillac One" Limo For Obama

Now that we're going to have a new president, it's time for a new presidential limo-and GM is whipping up quite a doozy for the new Prez-elect. "Cadillac One" will be based off of the GMC Topkick, which you may remember as Ironhide from Transformers » 11/11/08 2:30am 11/11/08 2:30am. For pretty obvious reasons, details on what exactly makes up the…