Greener Skies: Quiet, Fuel-Efficient Airplanes Race in NASA Challenge

This past weekend, a NASA-sanctioned 400-mile "personal air vehicle" race was held in Santa Rosa, CA, to see who had created the quietest, most fuel-efficient plane that's still reasonably fast. Those involved hope pushing these ideas forward will make personal airplanes cost effective someday. These PAVs run as quiet… » 8/12/08 9:40pm 8/12/08 9:40pm

Exciting NASA Air Competition Full of Dull Planes

NASA handed out $250,000 in prize money this weekend to aircraft designers who competed in a competition to create personal air-vehicles. But don't be fooled by the picture and think that the event was full of flying cars, experimental planes and UFO-shaped discs—all the entrants were standard-looking planes, as you… » 8/13/07 4:45am 8/13/07 4:45am