Hands-On With Newber, The Location-Aware Call Redirector For Your iPhone

Think of Newber as sort of a location-aware GrandCentral »11/17/08 3:00pm11/17/08 3:00pm call directing service that lives on your iPhone and can forward calls automatically to whatever landline is closest to your location. Other features, like being able to swap phones in the middle of a conversation, making and receiving calls from a "Newber"…

System of Proof Brings Phone Tapping to All With Subscription Service

This is one of those press releases that makes you go "Sorry... what?" in disbelief: System of Proof is a service that lets you covertly record a conversation on any phone. It sounds very CIA: dial a special number from the phone, and a distant computer then records the conversation and emails you the final file for… »8/08/08 8:47am8/08/08 8:47am

Discovery Channel Looking For a Host For "Super Testing" Show

Discovery Channel is looking for a host for their new Super Testing show. You've got to be male, and between the ages of 30 and 50, and enjoy blowing things up and testing them I'd assume. I'd guess the perfect future star is a reader of Giz. Why not an editor of Giz? I don't know, I think we're all too doughy. So,… »8/02/08 12:47pm8/02/08 12:47pm

EFF Nails Comcast, Shows You How to Bust Your ISP, Too

You may recall Comcast getting busted for interfering with peer-to-peer file sharing communications, especially picking on its users who use BitTorrent. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released a detailed report (PDF) that comes close to proving that Comcast was "forging traffic." The EFF describes… »11/29/07 9:53am11/29/07 9:53am

Rumor Smashed: Philippine Call Center Not Awarded Zune Contract

Even though the Zune Phone is all but confirmed (there haven't been any formal announcements yet), we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions every time there's an announcement that somehow ties Microsoft to phones. Case in point, this morning Global Sky, a Philippine-based call center, issued a press release saying they… »2/06/07 6:30pm2/06/07 6:30pm