Listen to Call Me Maybe After It's Been Put Through Google Translate Over and Over Again

Just like the French Prince theme song, Call Me Maybe, the candy pop song that desperately wanted to be the song of 2012 but got hijacked by Gangnam Style, has been put through Google Translate over and over until it was translated back to English. Which means the lyrics have been chopped up into an entirely… »1/18/13 11:00pm1/18/13 11:00pm


Of Course the Worst "Call Me Maybe" Parody Comes From a Zuckerberg

Presenting "Fund Me Maybe," the worst "Call Me Maybe" parody yet to hit the internaughts. It's about venture capital and Silicon Valley and love, maybe? Anyways. It's horrible, and the band performing it (Feedbomb, because of course that's what they'd call themselves) is fronted by Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi. »7/29/12 7:00pm7/29/12 7:00pm