V.I.O. DivX Helmet Cam is Waterproof and DVD Res

The V.I.O. helmet cam is remarkable in several ways. First off, it's a self contained unit that has a lens, and recorder/converter, both water and shockresistant to 1m. It captures to DivX/MPEG4 to the tune of 720x480 pixels at 1GB/40 minutes. The camera is functional to -40 to 185 degrees F, and has a preview screen… » 8/21/07 8:39pm 8/21/07 8:39pm

Creative Live! Cam Optia is Driverless

The Optia is the latest cam from Creative. It is your average ho-hum webcam—VGA resolution, tilt and swivel head, 30fps framerate, USB connectivity, privacy control, etc. There is one little feature about this cam that makes it stand out. It is completely driverless—at least with Windows XP SP2 and/or Vista. So just… » 11/02/06 10:00am 11/02/06 10:00am