Seeing the empty rooms of cam girls is completely sobering

In the transaction of receiving real-time titillation via pixels over the Internet, it's easy to forget how complicated some situations can be. Sure, there are gobs of money and endless credit card numbers being punched through but sometimes it's just a prettier version of indentured servitude. » 11/01/13 11:25pm 11/01/13 11:25pm

Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy Secrets of Internet Cam Girls (NSFW)

If you think cam girls—those flirty naked characters that plague porn site pop-up ads—are raking in easy money, you're right. If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you're also right. Peel away the sex and pixels and money and you're left with the cloudy truth about the Internet's… » 9/18/12 1:23pm 9/18/12 1:23pm