Flash Photography Is Fun Again With These Squishy Diffusers

If you shoot with an external flash, learning to control the light can be dreadful. Sometimes the best thing to do is buy a modifier for diffusing the light. Talk about a boring accessory to buy! A new Kickstarter makes flash modifiers fun and practical with the flexy, 3D printed MagSphere and MagBounce. »11/05/14 5:22pm11/05/14 5:22pm


Canon Lens Adapter for Sony Cams Adds a Whole New Level of Useful

When shooting in bright light, a neutral density filter can be extremely useful if you want to use a large aperture for some nice background blur. A new Canon EF to Sony E-mount adapter by Fotodiox incorporates a variable ND filter so you don't have to buy one for each lens. »11/04/14 11:32am11/04/14 11:32am

Get a Better Grip of Your Point and Shoot with Stick-On Camera Grips

Every point and shoot I've ever owned has been dropped, dropped and dropped to its death. Just look at their shape! They're asking for it. Sleek, metal, rectangle and slippery, come on, it's impossible to get a perfect grip on. These attachable camera grips, made by Flipbac, try to give you some more girth to grip.… »4/29/11 2:00am4/29/11 2:00am