Take the Perfect Picture and a Half-Dozen More With This Multi-Shot Camera App for Windows Phone 8

Maybe you're not the most accurate when it comes to snapping photos. Maybe you're always just a little too late, or a little too early. Congratulation on being a human like the rest of us. Window's Research new camera application—BLINK—can give you a hand with that (the picture-taking) on Windows Phone 8. How? The… »2/04/13 5:20pm2/04/13 5:20pm

Color for iPhone and Android

Half the fun in taking pictures is sharing, right? Well, Color for iPhone and Android makes sharing all the fun. Except, you don't get to choose who you're sharing with. There's no friending, no following, no privacy—just automatic sharing to the people around you. »3/24/11 6:25pm3/24/11 6:25pm

What is it?

Color, Free, iPhone and Android.… »3/24/11 6:25pm3/24/11 6:25pm