Ikelite's Waterproof Case Costs as Much as the Camera Inside It

Made for Nikon cameras, this waterproof case is created from polycarbonate so will keep your precious snapper bone-dry and corrosion-free, to depths of 200ft. There's just one small problem—it costs $1,400. » 7/28/11 9:20am 7/28/11 9:20am

You Might Not Believe It But This Is a Camera Case

It's not a lighter, it's not from an alien world, heck, it's not even from Alienware. It's actually 'just' a camera case made from aircraft-grade aluminum that can fit point and shoots and DSLR-like cameras alike. » 6/16/11 2:40pm 6/16/11 2:40pm

Stuff Your Camera Inside the Body of an Easter Bunny

Just in time for the holiday, this adorably strange Micro 4/3 camera case has our ears (eh? EH?) perked up with excitement. Sure, it may not be "practical," but come on—it's a furry rabbit case. » 4/19/11 4:40pm 4/19/11 4:40pm

Pic Pocket Camera Case

There are so many micro-sized cameras these days, and now here are Pic Pockets from Waterfield Designs, a variety of cases in which to carry those tiny digi-shooters. They're stylish-looking, too, with plush insides, your choice of colors or patterns on the outside, a self-locking zipper and a pulltab with a carabiner… » 7/25/06 9:27am 7/25/06 9:27am