Lenovo's New Phones: A 16MP Camera-Lookalike, First Dolby Atmos Handset

At the Mobile World Congress, Lenovo has announced a pair of new phones. The first, the Vibe Shot, is a slim phone that has pretensions to be a camera; the second is the A7000, apparently the world's first smartphone to come with Dolby Atmos. » 3/02/15 4:00am 3/02/15 4:00am

Panasonic Is Bringing Its Crazy Souped-Up Camera Phone to the U.S.

A lot of people were feeling a hearty mix of awe and confusion when Panasonic quietly launched the CM1—an Android phone enclosing a high-end point and shoot camera with a large one-inch sensor and full manual controls. The CM1 was only to be available in a few regions like Germany and France, but now the hybrid… » 1/05/15 1:19pm 1/05/15 1:19pm

7 Tips For Less Terrible Smartphone Photos

Smartphones have made quality photography fun and accessible for everyone. But there's still a lot more to it than just pointing and tapping if you want to lasting images. Here are a few simple ways to improve your everyday photo-taking. » 8/28/14 9:18am 8/28/14 9:18am

Yes! Google's New Camera App Yells at People For Taking Vertical Video

Google's new standalone Camera app is a sleek and powerful alternative to the stock Android camera. Turns out, it's also a soldier in the war against vertical videos. Try to shoot a portrait-framed vid, and you'll stare down the cold judgment of an icon telling you you're doing it wrong. You've been warned. » 4/18/14 9:44am 4/18/14 9:44am

The iPhone Didn't Kill Cameras, It Made Us Want Better Ones

The Wall Street Journal pointed out today that while sales of point-and-shoot cameras have declined steadily over the past few years, DSLRs and other interchangeable-lens cameras have been doing great. That's right. People don't want to just take more photos than ever, they want to take better photos, with big-kid… » 7/15/13 3:34pm 7/15/13 3:34pm

Nokia Lumia 1020 Photos Spotted In the Wild Are Impressive (If Real)

A pair of photos posted to the Flickr account of Microsoft's Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore appear to be the first real-world samples taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020. Rumor has it the photography-oriented phone will be announced at an event in New York on Thursday. From what we can see in these images, the camera… » 7/08/13 12:23pm 7/08/13 12:23pm

Eye-Fi Mobi Sends Photos to Your Phone, No Internet Connection Required

Eye-Fi cards have been around since 2006 as a way to wirelessly transmit your digital camera photos to your computer or mobile device. The catch was that you had to connect to a Wi-Fi network before in order to do so. Not so with the new Eye-Fi Mobi. » 6/03/13 9:55am 6/03/13 9:55am

The Best Smartphone Camera

A zillion new smartphones are going to be announced soon at Mobile World Congress, each promising camera advancements that may or may not live up to the hype. Before we get there, though, we wanted to take stock of how good the cameras are in the smartphones you can buy now. Here's how the flagships measure up. » 2/18/13 1:40pm 2/18/13 1:40pm

Smartphone Camera Features That Need to Appear In 2013

Cameras in cell phones have come a mighty long way in the past few years, from the pixelated shit-vision of yore to the current breed that have replaced most of our compact digicams. But the sense of wonder is fading, and we need some new features. Who's gonna step up? » 12/31/12 1:00pm 12/31/12 1:00pm

Today's Smartphone Cameras Are Already Better Than Point-and-Shoot…

The saying is that the best camera is the one that's with you and that's more than often your phone. But phone cameras are getting so good that they may eventually just became the best camera period (DSLRs notwithstanding). And it might be sooner than you think. Already, phone cameras are better than a 5-year-old… » 10/09/12 8:40pm 10/09/12 8:40pm

Inside the Nokia Lumia 920's Camera: A Lesser Form of PureView, but…

Nokia's Lumia 920 flagship Windows Phone looks promising, but the camera isn't quite what everyone was hoping for. Where as Nokia's 808 PureView phone packed a massive 41-megapixel sensor and mostly served as a proof of concept for the PureView tech, the Lumia 920's sensor is 8.7-megapixels, which Nokia says can… » 9/05/12 10:27am 9/05/12 10:27am

Nokia's Insane 41-Megapixel Phone Was Used to Make a Commercial About…

Here's how you know your phone's camera is powerful. If it has 41 freaking megapixels. Here's how you know to trust your powerful camera phone. If it's used to make a commercial about itself. Yep, the Nokia 808 PureView was used to make a commercial about the Nokia 808 PureView. A clever way to see how good (and… » 4/22/12 5:00pm 4/22/12 5:00pm

Use Your Headphone Remote as a Camera Shutter in iOS 5

Another quiet feature added to iOS 5 is the ability to use the inline remote on the iPhone headphones as a camera shutter. Should prove excellent for snapping subtle spy shots. [Cult of Mac via Wired] » 6/14/11 12:10pm 6/14/11 12:10pm

Here's the Camera Button You Always Wanted for Your iPhone 4

Our smartphone cameras are all really good now, so most of our pics just come from the backside of our rectangular slabs of LCD screen. Now Beep Industries hopes you'll help make their iPhone 4 camera button/grip a reality. » 6/02/11 12:58pm 6/02/11 12:58pm

How Does One Follow a Royal Wedding in the Information Age? Gizmodo's…

Gizmodo's own Kat Hannaford was recently pulled aside by the BBC to talk the upcoming Royal Wedding. How will it be different than others from the past? First, more fabulous. Obviously. Second? More social, and certainly more connected than ever. » 4/24/11 11:00am 4/24/11 11:00am


If you want to take artsy, digitally distressed photos using your phone, you could use an app, one that intentionally belabors the process to make the photos feel even artsier, like Hipstamatic. Or you could go ultra artsy, with an IRL filter: David McCourt's Slow Photography box. » 4/22/11 9:40pm 4/22/11 9:40pm

Why Not Turn a Camera Into a Phone, Instead of the Other Way 'Round?

This is one of the most beautiful and innovative concepts you'll have seen in a long time, and acts upon something I've always wondered about—why can't manufacturers just add cellphone guts to a camera? » 4/13/11 5:40am 4/13/11 5:40am

What if Your Phone Could Automatically Chop a Single Video Recording…

The idea-centric brains at Nokia Beta Labs have been working hard on some cool ideas for video recording on smartphones. Like this automatic bookmarking feature, where a shift in scene creates a new chapter in a video without ever cutting. » 3/16/11 8:00pm 3/16/11 8:00pm

Take a Picture Hides Infrared Artwork In Plain Sight

Without a camera, an art gallery based on Take a Picture would appear to be a boring, empty place with nothing on the walls but blank canvases. Take out the camera, however, and the place would spring to life. » 3/06/11 2:00pm 3/06/11 2:00pm