Fujifilm XF1 Review: Clever Design That Will Drive You Crazy

Turning a dummy's point-and-shoot camera into a more advanced shooter with manual controls is a challenging design problem. Cameras like Canon's S90 nailed it a while ago. But is there a different way to get it right? Maybe! The Fujifilm XF1 certainly tries, with entirely new solution in a handsome package. It's cool.… »12/04/12 4:00pm12/04/12 4:00pm


Canon S110 Review: The Best Camera You Can Fit in Your Pocket

The Canon S110 is the most refined little pocket camera Canon has ever made. The core design of the S110 remains unchanged from previous iterations. But with a little streamlining and some key new features, it's inched one step closer to perfection. Are you looking for the highest quality possible in a small… »10/19/12 3:45pm10/19/12 3:45pm

Panasonic Lumix LX7 Review: A Lovely Point-and-Shoot For Control Freaks

Anyone in the market for a top point-and-shoot camera is probably deciding between Canon's S100 and Sony's RX100. But Panasonic is back in the game with the Lumix LX7, a sequel to one of the top shooters of 2010, the wildly popular LX5. Does Panasonic's latest have what it takes to beat these pocket titans? »10/10/12 4:55pm10/10/12 4:55pm