Peak Design Slide Review: One Strap For All Your Cameras (Updated)

Peak Design's Slide is a camera strap that tries to rise above the glut of cheap, frustrating tethers that come bundled with your camera. How does it do that? It uses a combination of seductive materials, quick adjustments, and a unique connection system called Anchor Links that lets you quickly switch between… »9/12/14 2:45pm9/12/14 2:45pm

Joby Ultrafit Slingstrap Review: Focus on Getting a Shot, Not Adjusting a Strap

Carry a camera? If it's too big to fit in a pocket, then you need a strap. There are hundreds of adequate options, including the strap that comes with your camera. But you would be surprised at the difference a better strap can make. Allow Joby's new UltraFit Sling Strap to show you the way. »10/19/12 12:40pm10/19/12 12:40pm

The DIY Quick-Draw Camera Strap That Puts All Other Straps to Shame

SLR Camera straps haven't changed much over the last, oh, century or so, which is surprising considering how awkward most of them are. Then came the R-Strap »10/10/08 9:50am10/10/08 9:50am, a $44 strap that uses the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera instead of the rings on the sides, allowing for a comfortable over-the-shoulder sling paired…