A Wall of 250 Canon Cameras Flashing Their Lights Is a Seizure Waiting…

Japan musicians Androp built a backdrop of 250 Canon cameras and programmed all their flashes to fire off in a sort of digital stop-motion screen. Watch it, though I can't guarantee the video won't blind you and give you a seizure. » 7/27/11 6:20pm 7/27/11 6:20pm

iFlash Lights Up Dark Scenes for Flash-Less iDevice Photographers

If you're constantly disappointed with your iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPod Touch's camera performance in low light scenarios, the iFlash could be just what you need. It's $29.95 and plugs into your iDevice's docking port. » 12/03/10 1:00am 12/03/10 1:00am

Giz Explains: When (Not) To Use Your Camera's Flash

What is photography's greatest scourge? Cellphone cameras? MySpace self-portraiture? Neither even comes close to the insidious, creeping threat that is your camera's built-in flash. Here's when and how you should—and more importantly, shouldn't—use a flash. » 10/07/09 2:20pm 10/07/09 2:20pm