How Automakers Use a WWI-Era Camo Technique to Disguise Prototype Cars

In the early days of modern warfare, ships protected themselves from German U-boats with wild, eye-catching painted patterns called dazzle. The military moved on to new forms of camo decades ago, but for carmakers, dazzle is still the best way to protect prototype cars from being photographed. » 10/17/14 11:45am 10/17/14 11:45am

The Strange, Sad Story of the Army's New Billion-Dollar Camo Pattern

After nearly a decade, multiple false-starts, and many billions of dollars, the Army has finally chosen a new camouflage for its troops. Except it's not exactly new. It was originally developed back in 2002. And it looks a whole lot like one of the patterns that the Army was in talks to adopt from an independent… » 8/07/14 10:30am 8/07/14 10:30am

There Are Two F-16s Hiding in This Picture

I hope you're not as easily fooled as I am because I totally missed the two F-16s in this picture. I have an excuse! I was totally looking at the left hand side of the picture. And the picture I saw was really small! Like thumbnail-sized! » 5/03/12 11:20am 5/03/12 11:20am

Photo Veil: The Military's Cloak of (Almost) Invisibility

Comparable to Snake's suit in Metal Gear Solid, the Photo Veil is an exterior wrap that is able to create site-specific, high-resolution camouflage for vehicles and soldiers out on the battlefield. » 4/24/09 10:00pm 4/24/09 10:00pm

Invisibility Shirt Is Camo by Photoshop

Generally, there's nothing that makes me laugh harder than an "I didn't see you there" joke to a guy dressed in camouflage at the mall. But here's one better. » 3/26/09 9:40am 3/26/09 9:40am