Everything You Need To Jumpstart Your Own Presidential Campaign

When you head to the polls this November you're supposed to vote for who you think will best lead the country for the next four years. But that's not really what happens. Deep down everyone who steps into that voting booth knows that they could do a far better job as President of the United States of America. »10/09/12 4:00pm10/09/12 4:00pm


Toshiba Advances Bullet-Time to Next Level In Ad Filmed By 200 Camcorders

Toshiba »11/11/08 11:45am11/11/08 11:45am's new "timesculpture" advert takes Bullet Time film technique one bizarrely cool step forward by animating within the freeze-frame. It was filmed with 200 Gigashot camcorders arranged on a special rig, recording a mahoosive 20 terabytes of data from which the ad was composed. Check it out—it's like a weird…

Scientists Race to Develop Political Bullshit Detector, All Dials Pegged at 11

New Scientist today is summarzing »9/18/08 10:30am9/18/08 10:30am the world of political spin detection software-behavioral scientist Paul Ekman claims he can analyze a speech's text for words that indicate untruths and deception. Others look to analyze the tenor of the voice, and facial recognition to spot lies is becoming more of a reality. But…