The Best Worst Presidential Campaign Merchandise

The world imploded when it was discovered that Republican presidential hopeful Jeb! was selling a cheap plastic bowl for $75 (especially seeing as one could buy 24 of the same cheap plastic bowls for $36). But it’s not the most egregious product being sold by a candidate. Just in time for tonight’s debates, here are… » 8/06/15 6:45pm 8/06/15 6:45pm

Astronauts Cast Votes From Space, But It's Only One Regular Vote For Mankind

Astronauts Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff did what only four other Astronauts have done in NASA's 50 years when they voted today » 11/04/08 6:40pm 11/04/08 6:40pm—from space. Thanks to a Texas bill passed in 1997, NASA space cases are able to legally vote while they're out of the planet on business. But how did they cast their ballot from space,…