Tents Should Have Had Built-in Air Mattresses Since Day One

A comfy air mattress can make roughing it feel a little less rough, although wrangling one inside a tent that's a little too small for your queen size bed can be a huge pain. And that's exactly the situation that inspired Dan Robertson to create the Aesent: a tent with a built-in air mattress on its base that's always… » 3/19/14 12:20pm 3/19/14 12:20pm

This Old-School Firestarting Kit Will Make You Feel Like Survivorman

At one point in time, camping was truly about getting away from it all and only relying on nature for everything you needed. But these days, most new camping gear pertains to keeping your smartphone charged. Not Francesco Faccin's Re-Fire kit, though. It's designed to make camping a little more rugged again—by letting… » 2/03/14 11:20am 2/03/14 11:20am

This Minimalist Outdoor Grill Rolls Open Like a Sleeping Bag

There's nothing quite like roasting a meal you just caught while you're braving the great outdoors. It's an experience made all the better with a campfire grill that doesn't feel like a sack of bricks in your backpack. And while designer Roee Magdassi's Stakes grill doesn't exist just yet, we're hoping at least one… » 12/30/13 9:40am 12/30/13 9:40am

The Best Gifts For Getting Lost In the Woods

» 12/13/13 3:40pm 12/13/13 3:40pm

When shopping for that special someone who loves the great outdoors, it's easy to be overwhelmed. There are so many companies and so many items with so many different features that it's hard to know where to start. That's why we thought we'd kickstart this party with some of our favorite camping gear. We hope H.D.… » 12/13/13 3:40pm 12/13/13 3:40pm

What It Takes to Build a Camping Stove 200 Times Its Normal Size

Under most circumstances, the combination of trees and fire would be the stuff nightmares are made of—or dreams, for the pyromaniacs among us. But in eight days, the brilliant minds behind BioLite are going to be harnessing the power of fire with a giant, custom-built CampStove a full 200 times larger than its… » 12/04/13 2:50pm 12/04/13 2:50pm

An Ultra-Thin Camping Shovel For Discreetly Burying Your Indiscretions

When you're heading out into the wild with nothing more than a backpack to carry all of your supplies and gear, packing light and compact is your number one priority. And when mother nature is serving as your outhouse, a shovel has to be at the top of your packing list—preferably one as light and slim as the GG Camp… » 11/29/13 5:30pm 11/29/13 5:30pm

A Blanket With a Built-in Dining Table Will Revolutionize Picnics

The romanticized image of a picnic in a beautiful park on a sunny afternoon never seems to come to fruition once you actually have to deal with the logistics of dining on an uneven blanket. But all hope's not lost; a creation awkwardly called the Tablanket—a compact folding table with a blanket built-in—could… » 10/18/13 9:18am 10/18/13 9:18am

This Camp Stove Collapses Thinner Than the Bark Used as Kindling

When you're heading out into nature with nothing but a backpack, the long hike ahead of you is going to be far more enjoyable if you pack as light and minimally as possible. But that doesn't mean you have to completely rough it. A hot meal at the end of the day can keep a camping trip tolerable, and you'll be hard… » 10/16/13 5:00pm 10/16/13 5:00pm

More People Would Camp If All Trailers Had Home Theaters

Heading into the great outdoors is supposed to be about getting away from it all. And for the most part, the campers and trailers from Germany's Dethleffs let you do just that, and in relative comfort. But at the Dusseldorf Caravan show the company showed off its Mini Movie Campy concept; a portable home theater that… » 10/11/13 9:40am 10/11/13 9:40am

This Cool Camping Gadget Pours Like A Kettle But Cooks Like a Pot

The team at Biolite, who brought you the ingenious Camp Stove that also charges gadgets, have returned with a new way to heat your outdoorsy eats and drinks. This month, the company is introducing the KettlePot, which is—you guessed it!—a kettle and a pot combined into one very convenient vessel. » 9/18/13 5:00pm 9/18/13 5:00pm

A Tiny Pop-up Trailer Hiding All Your Camping Needs

It's still not exactly 'roughing it', but this remarkably modular camping trailer provides many of the comforts of home without having to resort to hitting the road in a gigantic bus-like motorhome. When collapsed, Campa's All Terrain Trailer looks more like a hot dog vendor's cart than a place to spend the night, but… » 9/17/13 11:20am 9/17/13 11:20am

Forge Your Own Path With This Collapsible Trail-Clearing Multi-Tool

If you'd rather take the path less followed when you hit the great outdoors, it might need a little TLC along the route. And that's where the lightweight collapsible Trail Boss will serve as your perfect hiking partner. It lets you carry four long-handled tools in a compact pack, so you can make short work of fallen… » 9/02/13 3:00pm 9/02/13 3:00pm

A Sleeping Bag That Ditches Zippers So You Don't Feel Like a Mummy

If the thought of drifting off in a sleeping bag, only to wake up in the middle of the night all twisted and constricted, leaves you feeling anxious and claustrophobic, Sierra Designs wants to help. With its new Backcountry Bed 800 sleeping bag it's banished constricting zippers, instead opting for a double layered… » 9/02/13 11:00am 9/02/13 11:00am

Brave the Amazon With a Stand Up Paddleboard That Turns Into a Tent

As paddleboarding surges in popularity, it looks like it could soon replace the canoe as the defacto mode of transport for weekend camping excursions. A company called Coreban has teamed up with celebrity outdoorsmen Bear Grylls to create the Ultimate Adventure Tent: an inflatable paddleboard that gets you to your… » 8/12/13 12:09pm 8/12/13 12:09pm

Reel In the Perfect Toasted Marshmallow Without Burning Your Limbs

Getting that perfect golden brown outer layer on a marshmallow is a fine art that occasionally comes at the expense of singed fingers or scalded limbs. And among the countless gadgets that promise to make it easier to access a campfire's hot coals, this clever fishing rod appears to be particularly effective at keeping … » 8/07/13 5:00pm 8/07/13 5:00pm

This Solar Charging Tent Means You Can Never Get Away From Gadgets

Camping used to be all about getting away from the clutter of our increasingly connected lives. But then electronic devices became "mobile", which it turns out means "magnetically attracted to our thumbs," and solar charging was a necessity. Now Eddie Bauer (the company) is making a tent with a built in solar charger, and » 7/30/13 11:20am 7/30/13 11:20am

A Cleverly Curved Axe Head Turns Anyone Into Paul Bunyan

They say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. But if you live in the woods, and come up with an ingenious way to improve something as simple as an axe head, the world will be able to clear cut a path to your door. Because cutting down trees and turning them into cords of firewood… » 6/10/13 5:00pm 6/10/13 5:00pm

A Simple Design Tweak Makes Sleeping Bags Less Like Straitjackets

A tapering mummy-style sleeping bag is easier to travel with since they can be compressed extremely compact. But if you suffer from even a smidgen of claustrophobia, spending a night in one can be like sleeping in a straitjacket. To make them more comfortable and compatible with those of us who toss and turn, Nemo has… » 6/07/13 2:20pm 6/07/13 2:20pm