Google's Offices Have Awesome Secret Rooms Hidden By Swiveling Bookshelves

Google's New York City office has something that every office in America needs: secret rooms hidden by swiveling bookshelves. If you're not in the know, you wouldn't know it existed. But if you do have Batman access at Google, you can pull the correct book and expose a whole 'nother world. Or something like that. »4/22/13 8:30pm4/22/13 8:30pm

Confidential Images of Apple's New Spaceship Interior Leaked

We already saw plenty of exterior images of Apple's new headquarters, which look like a giant spaceship or a spaceport. But these confidential interior images—obtained by 9to5mac's Élyse Betters—truly show the scale of this place. Look at the size of the glass walls! »9/07/12 4:09pm9/07/12 4:09pm

These glass panels look like those at the .

Apple Defends New Spaceship Headquarters with This Predictably Apple-Like Letter to Neighbors

Remember the giant spaceship campus Apple's building in Cupertino? The people who live in the neighborhood where Apple's mothership is landing definitely do. So Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer sent out a packet to neighborhood residents pumping up the virtues of the new campus—in a decidedly Apple way. »5/21/12 8:27am5/21/12 8:27am