There Is Such Thing As a Cockroach Cam and It's Just As Gross As You'd…

If you're one of those people who feel as if you're undeserving of love and/or enjoy torturing yourself for fun, here's something new to add to your self-mutilation bag o' tricks: watch a 24/7/365 Cockroach Cam. It's like watching a bunch of cam girls go about their daily lives only the opposite of that because those… » 4/04/13 9:00pm 4/04/13 9:00pm

Canon PowerShot D20 Review: Tough Camera, Weak Performance

Last month we tested the best rugged, waterproof cameras and picked a winner. "But what about the new Canon?" everyone screamed. Fear not. The PowerShot D20 went through some cruel testing over the past couple of weeks. Could it live up? Could it live, period? » 7/20/12 12:00pm 7/20/12 12:00pm

Watch Some Polar Bears Adorably Destroy a Nature Show's Spy Cameras

The spy cameras designed for the BBC documentary "Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice" were cleverly disguised and built to withstand temperatures as low as -40° C. The polar bears took one look and were like, "NAH LEMME SMASH THAT." » 12/30/10 9:40am 12/30/10 9:40am

HP V1020h Pocketcam Is Less Pricey Than Its Peers

Yesterday HP announced the V1020h, a 720p-recording, SDHC card-reading pocketcam. It has a built-in USB plug and an HDMI port for sharing, but the real noteworthy tidbit here is the pricetag: $109. » 2/20/10 9:00am 2/20/10 9:00am

A Look Inside the Flip MinoHD

Just a bit of hardware erotica on the Flip MinoHD: the red circle is the lens, which is being pulled off the CMOS chip (directly below). The 720P chip leaves individual pixels just 2.2 microns to capture their snippets. » 2/17/10 11:04am 2/17/10 11:04am

Flip's Next Pocket Cam May Be a Wi-Fi Slider

Cisco, who makes the Battlemodo Champion Flip line of pocket camcorders, confirmed that next-gen Flips will have both Wi-Fi and a large sliding screen (though not touch), a significant departure in styling. I just hope they keep tactile buttons. [CrunchGear] » 11/18/09 11:40pm 11/18/09 11:40pm

Ultimate Pocket Camcorder Comparison

Pocket camcorders are a hot holiday gift, but due to their nearly identical feature sets, it can be tough to tell which is best—so I tested seven of these humble unitaskers to make your decision easier. You're welcome. » 11/17/09 1:00pm 11/17/09 1:00pm

Vivitar DVR 150: Infrared Night Vision Waterproof Pocket Camcorder

I don't know how the new Vivitar DVR 150's quality will stack up against the Flip, but being waterproof down to 16 feet and having infrared night vision is a promising start. At least, for amateur submarine night porn filmmakers. » 10/26/09 12:15pm 10/26/09 12:15pm

Flip Mino HD Review: If it Ain't Broke...

Flip's followup to the successful, caveman-easy Mino HD is fundamentally the same product, slightly better. The improvements are welcome, but there are still some issues I wish Flip would address. » 10/19/09 10:30pm 10/19/09 10:30pm

No Surprise: Hollywood Doesn't Understand Where Pirated Movies Come From

Cory Doctorow has a piece in The Guardian explaining why it's awfully dumb for a theater to confiscate cellphones at a preview screening: Nobody's pirating movies with a cellphone, and real leaks come from inside the industry. » 7/14/09 10:30pm 7/14/09 10:30pm

Review: Pentax W60 Waterproof Camera Catching Whale Sharks

I had the perfect backdrop to review this Pentax W60 waterproof camera » 8/19/08 6:45am 8/19/08 6:45am while vacationing in Hawaii last week. It's 10mp, has a 5x zoom, and does HD level video, but the only reason to buy such a point and shoot is that it's rated to 13 feet of underwater depth for two hours, and is the smallest waterproof camera of…

Hitachi's Blu-Ray and HDD/Blu-Ray Cams Stateside in October (Right,…

We already knew this was coming despite the naysayers*: Hitachi has finally launched its Blu-Ray and HDD/Blue-Ray camcorders on the world. Launch dates are 31 August for Japan, and October for the rest of the world, and here's a gallery and all the gen on what you can expect.
» 8/02/07 4:51am 8/02/07 4:51am

Bobby.TV versus Justin.TV, as UK Police Get Helmet Cams

Following successful trials, British policemen are to be issued with head cameras while they are on the beat. The 3 million ($6.1 million) scheme, which led to an increase in the number of convictions of offenders when it was tried out in the southwestern town of Plymouth, is to be rolled out throughout the country. » 7/12/07 3:30pm 7/12/07 3:30pm

Digital Blue's Tony Hawk HelmetCam

Featuring a strap to go around either your helmet or your head, the Digital Bleu Tony Hawk HelmetCam can capture your 'boarding tricks for later viewing, or posterity, depending on how well that trick went. It only costs $100, and includes a laser targeting feature and 32MB of memory. » 10/02/06 3:45pm 10/02/06 3:45pm